Branding Xarma website & rebranding

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Xarma website & rebranding

We redesigned Xarma’s image to dive into a larger, more fun, direct and real world. We brought the style closer to the company’s true essence and internationalized it.

We transformed their image into something much more glocal: local because Xarma works with products from this region and global because it targets an open market. We made an impact through proximity, with extremely close-up photos of the product, with conversations and confessions directly from chefs, and by livening up the brand with touches of cutting-edge modernity. Everything was done with a defined style. 



The brand’s “experiential” facet was highlighted to broaden the restaurant concept in a place where (live) cooking and culture are combined. We strived to offer a new way of enjoying food; to create a close, open, plural and fun experience; and to build a community, a trend, a fashion, COOK & CULTURE.

Above all, a great deal of swag.

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