We are a glocal agency, working all over the world, adding local value approach. Thanks to our know-how, and more than 10 years experience working overseas and our partners network, reaching every corner of the world, we design, produce and install stands, showrooms and events throughout the world. Unifying our quality standards, communications and event organization at all our clients' trade fairs and events. We are experts in international stands and event organization.

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Emporia Selection Awards


Emporia Award for the best design and mobile structure system

Thousands of visitors enjoyed the best ULMA Experience at the German BAUMA 2013 trade fair. ULMA took the giant marketing leap at Bauma, together with Promueve. It repositioned its brand with a new corporate image, the design of the client experience and the showroom this was presented through a worldwide launch campaign. Promueve did the design, construction, assembly and dismantling of the stand, a building 57 x 30 x 15 m high made with a demountable and transportable MK system structure, which was part of the exhibition. The stand, received the 2013 Emporia Mention Award for best design and mobile structure system, it has subsequently been reinstalled at the headquarters of the multinational in Oñati, Spain.

We create the experience

Macro STAND for ULMA BAUMA 2013
Macro STAND for ULMA BAUMA 2013


The yellow revolution: One fair, 12 companies and 10 stands

The most important national machine tool fair, every two years BIEMH turns into the best showcase for industrial innovation, and also, of course, for stand design and architecture. In this edition we have built 2,773 m2 of design space. Clients such as Zayer, Delteco, Bost and Tecnalia, among others, were the lead players at the fair where thousands of people visited their stands to see the latest developments in the sector. The stands, that were designed and built by Promueve, along with their trade fair marketing campaigns received visits from the government, authorities, even the royal family. What is certain is that they generated brand impact and experience. We take care of every last detail. Strategy and design, we are 360º!

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Machine tools fair at Bilbao BIEMH 2016
Machine tools fair at Bilbao BIEMH 2016