We focus on experiences and create a valuable link between the brand and its customers, far beyond the product or service they offer. We are experts in organising events.

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Custom events

We organise events anywhere in the world, with experiential marketing and strategic vision always in our sights. We do the likes of exhibitions, parties, presentations, fairs and anniversaries that will be memorable for everyone attending your event.


Event marketing

We work with national and international brands, covering all your corporate events strategy needs. Our more than 10 years experience garantee the succcessful projection of your corporate identity in multiple experiences and which the public can live in person.

Vivimos tu marca


Hacemos que el evento de tu empresa sea una experiencia única para el usuario.


Nos encargamos de comunicar tu identidad corporativa en cualquier parte del mundo.


Te ayudamos a crear una atmósfera ideal para generar nuevos contactos.

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Success stories

VII Culture and Citizenship Meeting 2021

1st Culinary Interaction - Basque Culinary Center 2016

Market & Fun 3

Film Festival closing ceremony

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