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New brand - BScorer

We bring life to the new football sweepstakes App!

To create a brand from scratch involves an entire development with many steps; growing the business idea, describing the product accurately, building the brand narrative, etc. The concept we devised evolves till it turns into a brand you can feel and identify. In this case, a new football sweepstakes App for mobile devices which seeks to differentiate itself from others.



We think in an inspiring name that excites and gets the user involved in the experience of participating in the Champions League. The name “BScorer” is a word game which has the objective of being easy to remember. For the domestic market (Spain) we also created the claim “Vente a la Porra” for all the communications we made.

We also produce an advertising spot for the launch day, with an original and catchy song with rhythm and a strong melody. We want to achieve the “WTF” effect. All made in Promueve!

The launch campaign is completed with a landing page and social media management in order to attract new users and generate leads.

A veeeery funny and creative project!

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