Video The Hidden Champions

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Vídeo spot of Loramendi and Aurrenak

Loramendi and Aurrenak decide to take a step ahead and attend the most important fair in the sector in a big way. They require a video to stand out, transmit an impressive, modern and technological image. Even innovative, elegant and divine, they say.


The inspiring idea of the video is the “The Hidden Champions”, a concept by H. Simon in 1996 to refer to companies in Baden, Germany. He identified some similarities in medium-sized companies with international activity, family or cooperatives and with unique features: strong leadership of culture and strategy, a very participatory nature and ambitious and clear goals: to be the global leader in their markets. Today this concept is being meant to companies of the Basque Country, called “Campeones Ocultos”.






We use this concept in the video as a leitmotif to show the work that the people of Loramendi and Aurrenak do. We chose several people and literally “take them out of the darkness”, show their names and introduce them as heroes. We use black scenes with a small entrance of blue light, meaning the "exit to the light" of the heroes.

We shot each character doing their job as if they were feats in the organization, looking for striking shots, low angles, travels and follow-ups of the characters.

The film reaches the greatest tension with all the characters meeting and moving together towards the exit, the total light. The end comes with the protagonists in the light of day, looking at the camera like heroes, because “each one of us is a hero”.

Technical brief

For the introduction we create a shooting studio within the company with a 100% darkened room and install all the technical equipment there: shooting set with special cameras and spotlights with blue light, costumes, makeup set and hairdresser. Everything to achieve this in the shortest time.

We proceed to shoot the rest of the film in logarithmics and make the shot-to-shot color match&balance in post production, to achieve the desired result. This is how we reduce the colour range of the video increasing the blue, black and white

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