Video The Hidden Champions II

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The Hidden Champions II

Vídeo spot of Loramendi & Aurrenak

For its presence at the EMO Hannover 2023 and coinciding with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, Loramendi & Aurrenak trusts us again for the second part of the video The Hidden Champions presented in 2019.


We chose to continue the idea of medium-sized companies, market leaders in their sector but without high public visibility, called Hidden Champions.

In this case, instead of taking the employees as the protagonists, we put the company itself at the centre, showing different manufacturing processes and emphasising its strong international presence.





The Challenge

Although most of the video is made up of scenes shot ad hoc at Loramendi & Aurrenak's headquarters, we have also included shots, provided by the client, of different manufacturing processes filmed at different companies.

Making a virtue out of necessity, we have carried out a laborious post-production work, matching the tone and lighting of the different recordings, and adding a beam of light that runs through several scenes throughout the video.

This beam of blue light, as well as acting as a common thread and unifying the different scenes, serves to emphasise the technological and innovative tone that we want to reflect.

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