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Discoveries Experience – Pernod Ricard

An exclusive presentation for an unique wine selection

Pernod Ricard requires a fresh approach for the commercial presentation of its most select wines and has asked us to design an experience whose focal point is the act of discovery. For something to be discovered, it needs to be hidden first; and then for the person to open, reveal and understand the “hidden” content. The Discoveries experience.



We design brochures that extol the most select wines of the brand and that detail, among other things, their origins, organoleptic qualities, the winemaking process and their history. These brochures are placed in custom VIP packaging, in which they appear to be randomly ordered and unidentifiable to untrained eyes.

However, the sales staff that use them choose and order the material as they see fit, thanks to a very subtle coding in UVI on black that marks each brochure but which escapes those not in the know. In this way, a Pernod Ricard professional knows how to distinguish each wine and each bottle at a glance.

The same occurs with the interactive application in which everything starts with a set of glossy and matte blacks which, under the control of the sales person, is opened in different sections. They will be able to discover the best wines by browsing the denominations of origin, or also looking for each brand by countries, or even ultimately by each bottle if they wish.

All the aesthetics combine the most elegant design with the purest black and the colours of the Discoveries brand, giving a subtle touch to each sheet. We then play with the high quality materials to create a select experience.

The description and detail of each wine is also pure Discoveries: high-quality wines defined by their most noticeable difference, described in their environment, geography and climate, production process, tasting and optimal degrees for consumption, etc. Everything is important and everything is measured, so that each wine is discovered in the best-case scenario.

Finally, we create a Tool Kit with which sales staff will have the tool catalogue at their disposal to make the sales experience something very select; the IP bag, pack for the bottles, pen, etc.

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