Integrated Campaigns Digital brand experience - Tecnalia BIEMH 2018

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Digital Brand Experience - Tecnalia BIEMH 2018

A brand is the sum of every meaning, feeling & experience our customers have with us. We need to create a special value connection between the brand and the client, beyond the products and services.

In this project, the brief came very clear: we had to create an enriching digital experience for Tecnalia’s public. A strong beginning leads to a good job, and we’ve focused on creating omnichannel digital experiences which have distinguished Tecnalia from the other brands. Positioning a leading brand way ahead from the others with experiences requires a high level know-how of the market.




Design Stands Video

We have created audiovisual and interactive content for displays and technological platforms recently brought to Europe, an industry first for our client. But the “WOW Efect” is not achieved by renting devices, but reaching the content, interactivity and technology that helps us to create the brand experience. 

Nothing more, nothing less.

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