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Pescanova stand Conxemar 2018

A Street Market that stands out between +700 booths at the fair

Conxemar, world’s second biggest frozen seafood trade fair, has witnessed a huge change in Pescanova’s booth marketing strategy. We revolutionize the stand concept creating a traditional market experience, designed to be used for the next three years in the world’s most important exhibitions.




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Emporia Gold Award 2018 for the best removable and reusable stand design

With a 200m² surface and an external structure, the Street Market remains to the Mercado de la Boquería in Barcelona. This stand becomes in a unique showroom-market that will be remembered by thousands of visitors (+35,000).

On the ground floor of the stand, the public has the opportunity to taste dishes made with the different product lines marketed by the company. They are shown in different food corners carried out to the maximum detail and we can find them surrounding all the social area. These corners are named Tapeo, Toque a Mar, Sushi and, of course, Rodolfo, the name of Pescanova’s well-known prawn line. The large area of tables in the middle of the stand becomes a meeting point for business and gastronomy. On the mezzanine floor there are private zones for important meetings isolated from the hustle and bustle.

This year 2018 has been marked by Rodolfo’s return, the endearing shrimp that has been with us every Christmas for decades. The stand reinforces the campaign launching in the media with an exclusive product stand, several 3D corporeals (the giant one stands out in the centre of the booth), interactive screens and much more.

In a few words, this is one of the most transcendental projects executed by Promueve. We have taken Pescanova to the next level, surprising every visitor with the design of an experience never seen before in this field. We love brands!

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