Stands & Showrooms EMO 2019: Basque Industry takes the lead!

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EMO 2019: Basque Industry takes the lead!

As in previous years, EMO trade fair (Hannover) marks a turning point in the machine tool sector, and therefore companies are seeking to stand out from competitors.

As would be expected, together with our clients we head to Germany in the exciting adventure of international marketing. We design and build 7 stands to cope with the challenge of generate the highest possible return on investment to our customers, achieving impact and retention. IBARMIA’s stand was visited by Arantxa Tapia, Markel Olano and AFM members, among other authorities.

ZAYER had an exchange of views with the Autonomous Executive on the current situation in Germany, a key market for Euskadi.





Design Stands

The representatives of BOST made a guided visit to the authorities within the support program for Basque companies present at the fair.

In the stand of BOST we bring focus to a giant LED screen located in the stand’s middle, being the centre of attention for visitors. On this occasion we give presence to the gray color in combination with wood, which stands out in such an industrial fair.

How to offer personalized attention? Pointing the visitor toward enabled areas and generating different environments for commercial actions. If there are lengthy meetings, the lounge spaces, meeting rooms and reserved rooms with sofas help to distribute assemblies that occur at the same time.

In this new edition of EMO, ZAYER presents 2 machines in its stand, seeking to show them without losing the elegance that characterizes the brand.

We accompany the ARION G machine with an interactive screen that provides detailed information about the products and services offered by ZAYER.

Exhibiting machine tools in a white context full of light and technological air is a challenge! 

IBARMIA combines an elegant and shocking design thanks to graphics full of life and color. We surround the new THC 16 with a raised platform which allows the visitor to observe how it operates. 

We add an informal area for meetings and quick talks with clients, in addition to the one reserved for longer ones.

MAHER HOLDING industrial group trusted us the success of its brands, each of them with their own booth, but maintaining the essence of the group.

GEMINIS and LAGUN had the needed communication and architecture solutions.

Each machine, graphic application and lattice had its own space.

The gradient of colors and the games of light of Fresmak obtained the best impact for an unbeatable EMO 2019.

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